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How to create sub account Reply
How to create sub account
1060 0 2021-11-17 16:19:50
Step 1:choose to create a new sub account,you can choose a new account that has not been registered on cloud on a existing one that has been registered.
Step 2:enter a new account which you wants to be your sub account
Network:you can choose the network here to define which network you want to share
Username:enter the new account name
Verification Code:send the verification code to the new account
Role:there are Admin,Employee,Operator and Guest roles
Admin:Owns the permissions to create an account;
Employee:Owns the permisssions to edit data;
Operator:Owns the permissions to manage the PPSK,print voucher and manage account data;
Guest:Owns the permissions to view data.

Step 3:enter the sub account to verify if the sub account is successfully created
Then we can see the network shared by my main account