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How to configure PPPoE server on Ruijie EG? Reply
How to configure PPPoE server on Ruijie EG?
1619 4 2022-6-14 10:17:40
The EG device is egress and the PPPoE server Local-Account function is enabled on it. Down link terminals and devices access the Internet through PPPoE dial-up access authentication.

Configuration Points
(1) Enable PPPoE Server function on Ruijie EG
(2) Configure PPPoE account
Configuration Steps
1. PPPoE Server configuration:
# Enable PPPoE Server function
Ruijie(config)#pppoe-server enable
# Configure PPPoE Server dialup group
Ruijie(config)#bba-group pppoe pppoe-server0
Ruijie(config-bba-group)#virtual-template 50
# Configure AAA authentication method as subslocal authentication
Ruijie(config)#aaa new-model
Ruijie(config)#aaa authentication ppp defaultsubs
# Clear the previous address pool and interface configurations
Ruijie(config)#no ip local pool pppoe-server0
Ruijie(config)#default interface Loopback2147483100
# Configure PPPoE Server address pool (IPaddress range)
Ruijie(config)#ip local pool pppoe-server0192.168.100.1
# Set the IP address and mask of the PPPoEServer, can't be same with other DHCP pool IP addresses.
Ruijie(config)#interface Loopback 2147483100
Ruijie(config-if-Loopback 2147483100)#ipaddress
Ruijie(config-if-Loopback 2147483100)#exit
# Configure a PPPoE Server template, associatean address pool with a Loopback interface, configure DNS, and the defaultauthentication method
Ruijie(config)#interface Virtual-Template 50
Ruijie(config-if-Virtual-Template 50)#ipunnumbered Loopback 2147483100
Ruijie(config-if-Virtual-Template 50)#peerdefault ip address pool pppoe-server0
Ruijie(config-if-Virtual-Template 50)#ppp ipcpdns
Ruijie(config-if-Virtual-Template 50)#pppauthentication chap pap ms-chap ms-chap-v2
Ruijie(config-if-Virtual-Template 50)#ip natinside
Ruijie(config-if-Virtual-Template 50)#exit
# Specify the internal network interface toenable PPPoE Server (associated with PPPoE Server dial-up group)
Ruijie(config)#interface Gi0/2
Ruijie(config-if-GigabitEthernet0/2)#pppoe-server enable group pppoe-server0
Ruijie(config-if-GigabitEthernet 0/2)#exit
#Configure account notification function, thisfunction is used to early notification of account expiry. It is turned off bydefault and can be turned on manually if necessary.
Ruijie(config)#local-account notice enable
Ruijie(config)#local-account notice date-rule48 60  //Announcement starts 48 hoursbefore account expiration, The interval between each announcement is 60minutes.
Notice: Use the following command todisable  account notification function.
Ruijie(config)#default local-account noticeenable
Ruijie(config)#default local-account noticedate-rule
2. PPPoE account configuration:
# Configure the account and password by subsauthentication
Ruijie(config)#subscriber static name testparent /PPPoE_Server_Group  password test
Notice: An account can only be used by oneclient. If two clients use the same account, the second client cannot goonline.
#Configure Account Billing Policy
Ruijie(config)#local-account  user test
Ruijie(local-account-user)#policy date 2022 125 //The account will expire after 2022/12/5 and cannot go online.
Ruijie(local-account-user)#mac auto  //Enable the automatic mac binding, theclient's MAC address will be automatically bound when the account goes online.
#Delete the PPPoE account
Ruijie(config)#no subscriber static name test
Ruijie(config)#no local-account user test
3. Verification
1.      Using 'show pppoe-serverconfig web'  to PPPoE Server setting

2.      Using 'show run | in pool' tocheck PPPoE IP addresses pool setting

3.      Using 'show local-accountconfig' to check account notification function setting

4.      Check the account setting

5.      Check special account setting


Router config tips
3 2022-11-12 12:48:29 View all replies
How many concurrent PPPoE client sessions can be handle by each Ruijie EG series?

Myat Min Thu replied at 2022-11-12 12:48
How many concurrent PPPoE client sessions can be handle by each Ruijie EG series?

When EG series do PPPoE server local billing, the number of intranet PPPoE clients supported by each model is shown below:

EG2100 P V2: 300
EG3230: 250
EG3250: 500

Edited by Myat Min Thu at 2022-11-14 13:23

Patrick replied at 2022-11-14 10:32
When EG series do PPPoE server local billing, the number of intranet PPPoE clients supported by ea ...
Dear Patrick,
Thank you for your reply but why recommend the PPPoE client's number of EG3230 less than EG2100 PV2?
Myat Min Thu replied at 2022-11-14 13:20
Patrick replied at 2022-11-14 10:32
When EG series do PPPoE server local billing, the number of intr ...

Hi, I think it is product limitation.

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