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High memory usage of device

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If I find my device is in a hign memory usage, what can I do ?  how to troubleshoot ?


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1. log on to the deviceto obtain the memory information (choose any of the following two methods)
Connect to the device through the Console cable, and check whether the response is displayed on SecureCRT or HyperTerminal after you press the keyboard. If yes,log on to the device and run the show memory command.
Connect to the device remotely through the Telnet or SSH  and run the show memory command.

2. View the memory usage details
If any of the following message is output by the Console cable, the memory is used up and the system cannot apply for the memory. Therefore, the device cannot work normally and the service is interrupted.not
enough memory!
cli execute fail!*Sep  6 08:54:14: %SCHED-0-NOSTACK: Could notallocate 40960 bytes for stack from memory.
If the result is output normally after the show memory command is run , it means the remaining memory can support the normal running of the system.

3. Check whether the memory usage continues to increase
Run the show memory command every 2s for three consecutive times.View the result to see whether the Used Rate (memory usage) continues to increase while the Current Free Memory (free memory) continues to decrease.If the Free Memory continues to decease (by about 2 KB each time the show memory command is run), run the show memory command every 5 to 10 minutes to collect informationfor comparison.If the Free Memory changes slightly, run the show memory command every several hours or one day. If it still changes slightly, run the show memory command every one week or one month to collect information for comparison.

4. Observe and analyze the result. If it is observed that the Free Memory changes slightly for a long time, the problem is normal and is not a fault. If the Free Memory  continues to decrease (quickly or slowly), run the show memory command again to collect information and contact our online support.
Run the show memory command every 5s for three consecutive times.
Run the show memory protocols commandevery 5s for three consecutive times.

5. Collect the basic information.Note:When the memory usage has reached over 90% and continues to increase, if the client worries that the service may be interrupted when the memory is used up, restart the device at the hours having minimum impact on the client's service. After restarting the device, collect the information.

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