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Ruijie Cloud

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Device cannot go online on Ruijie Cloud

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Question: Device cannot go online on Ruijie Cloud or device shows offline status on Ruijie Cloud


1.Network Connectivity   
     1) Whether your device's IP address, gateway, DNS server are configured(Ruijie(config)#ip name-server For how to configure those basic network settings, you can refer Ruijie Cloud Cookbook:
     2)  Verify the connectivity between Ruijie device and Ruijie Cloud. Execute ping on device CLI.
     3)  Following ports are used for Ruijie Cloud management. Ensure these ports are available and data stream is permitted.

dst.IP dst.TCP dst.UDP 80 & 443 3478 & 3479 80 & 443 3478 & 3479 Portal) Portal)
80 -

Note:AP and SMB switch have default CWMP setting which allows devices can look for Ruijie Cloud automatically. But for enterprise switch(RG-S29 series), It needs to configure CWMP URL on CLI manually.For more details, please refer Ruijie Cloud Cookbook:

2.Device Running Mode(Wireless only)
    Verify whether the AP is running in FAT mode, if the device is working in FAT mode, it needs to switch AP into macc mode on WEB or CLI for Ruijie Cloud registration.  Command: Ruijie#ap-mode macc

Note:By default AP is running in FIT Mode and will convert MACC mode automatically once it has Internet access.

3.Ruijie Cloud Hosting(Asia or Europe)
    1)  In order to provide smooth access and reduce Internet latency for users in Ruijie Cloud solution. There are 2 Ruijie Cloud hosting installed for global service. The dynamic hosting selection for regions or countries shows as below: Europe.png
Asia Cloud.png

     2) As 2 hosting databases are isolated, if the serial number you input on and the device DNS resolution is not the same hosting, device will not show online. First, verify which hosting you are accessing in browser. Simply login your Ruijie Cloud account, and check the URL link.Cloud-as represents Asia cloud and cloud-eu is Europe Cloud. Then, login device's cli and execute ping and check which IP address is resolved.(Asia-,Europe- Please the cloud hosting you are accessing is same as the one device registered.

4.Device Firmware

    Whether the device is running the latest firmware as Ruijie Cloud recommended, if the firmware version is too old, it may not be compatible with Ruijie Cloud. User can login device's web or cli and upgrade to latest firmware version.
Please refer Ruijie Cloud Supported Model and Recommended Firmware Version:

5.Serial Number
Whether device's serial number is matched with the one displayed on Ruijie Cloud. The serial number can be found on device back panel or exec "show version" on CLI.

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